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Our team utilise resources and technology that make your interaction with our office as “hassle free” as possible.

Our client portal, powered by Actionstep, provides our clients with a secure portal to collaborate on documents, see matter updates, and chat with our team in real time. 

Know the benefits to know if its right for you


Simplify your communication with our team

all-in-one communication & matter management means consolidated messages.


Secure Communications

Our portal allows our team to create an encrypted communication and document exchange platform for our office and clients.


Instant Notifications

Each time a document has been uploaded or updated, you get notified by email.


Collaborate in real time

Actionstep's client portal contains a secure chat feature, where you can exchange messages in real-time with our team.


Have questions?

Contact our office to discuss the use of our client portal further and whether this is a service you would like implemented in your dealings with Origin Lawyers.

Email: admin@originlawyers.com

Phone: +61 (2) 9917 7022

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