5 Reasons Our Team Love Working At Origin Lawyers


Team First Culture

The team culture at Origin Lawyers is second to none. We pride ourselves in providing a flexible, all inclusive team environment. We believe that our culture drives our performance and in turn make our team.


Flexible Working Arrangements

We utilise up to date technology so our team and clients reap all the benefits. Origin Lawyers believes in a "plug and play" mentally allowing our team to work from anywhere in the world!


Accessible Partners

Our Partners work in the open floor plan space with our team. There's no need for an "open door policy" because our Partners are in the ball pen with the team. They are approachable, collaborative, and accessible.



Yep! you read that right! Origin Lawyers is a paperless office (well, as paperless as a law firm can be). This reduces the admin work for our team, makes files and documents readily available, and provides a clutter free office.


Real World Experience with Client Access

We want our team to create a rapport with our clients. We don't believe that the firm should be top heavy with only the Partners or Senior Solicitors having access to clients. We encourage our team to create and foster relationships with our clients from day one!


Thank you for your interest in Origin Lawyers.

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